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There’s no reason to guess whether or not Signature Landscapes can help you with your landscape maintenance. Just take a look at our work! Our team has served Northern Nevada’s lawn care and landscape maintenance customers for almost 30 years. With one of the area’s highest customer renewal rates, you can rest assured, spotless customer service is one of our top priorities.

2019 Residential Maintenance Packages

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Sprinkler Turn-On & Repair

Our recommendation is to start turning sprinklers on around April 1st (weather permitting).

Our Landscape Certified Irrigation Technicians can repair any problems in your system including sprinkler heads, valves, clocks, drip emitters, etc… Each technician is highly trained and specializes in this field.


For Northern Nevada lawns, experts say the Spring and Fall season turf aeration service is best the guarantee for a healthy lawn. Our lawn aeration equipment will pull “cores,” or plugs of soil out of the ground, letting air in, promoting root growth and reducing water usage by getting oxygen and water into the root zone.


Taking the time to fertilize throughout the year will strengthen your plants’ and lawn’s roots, giving them a strong base on which to thrive next spring. The Signature 5 Star Fertilizer Program includes 5 applications of slow release fertilizer over the turf area to keep your grass at its healthiest.

Spring & Fall Yard Clean-Ups

Spring is the time to get all of your plants ready for the new season. We cut back all perennial shrubs and flowers like ornamental grasses, lavender, day lilies, and structurally prune rose bushes, to encourage new growth.

Around November, it is the time to get the entire property cleaned and prepared for winter. Most of the leaves are off of the trees and many shrubs can be pruned down removing any dead growth. A fall cleanup will set the precedent for your spring cleanup and will save you from expensive overhauls.

Weed Control

Keep your planter beds looking pristine all summer long by protecting them with weed control.

A Premergent application is recommended from February to March 15th.

A PostEmergent weed control can be applied at any time during the year to cut back on the hassle of unwanted plants.


Thatch builds up on your lawn over time and keeps water and nutrients from getting down to the grassroots. We commend a dethatch be done every other year before May 1st.

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